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Free influenza (flu) vaccine for South Australian children under five

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Video about safe use of baby slings 

Tragically 3 infants have died in South Australia while being carried in baby slings since 2010. Kidsafe SA and SA Health have developed a safety video to support parents and carers in using baby slings and carriers safely. This video will help you to understand and recognise the possible risks, and how to safely use baby slings and carriers. To watch the video on the Kidsafe website, and to find out more: 

Portable cots - unsafe

A recent survey by Choice magazine reported that 8 out of 10 portacots on sale in Australia failed testing to see if they met mandatory standards for safety. To find out more have a look at this information on the Choice website. There is another link to find out more about safety of portable cots in our topic Safe sleep for babies and toddlers.