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Child Health Record

South Australian Child Health and Development Record
(known as the 'Blue Book')

The Blue Book is a parent held record for families to:

  • record their child's growth
  • check their child's development
  • record children's vaccinations
  • take to health and immunisation appointments
  • use to help discuss any concerns with a health professional.

It contains

  • trusted guidance on sleep and settling, healthy eating and safety
  • helpful parenting hints and information on what children need
  • a list of service contacts if you need help
  • developmental milestones checklists and growth charts.

The first five years are very important for a child's brain development and their lifelong well-being. Good times to check your child's development is when they are around 6 months old and then again when they are around 2 years of age.

If you have any concerns about your child's health or development don't hesitate to talk with a Child and Family Health Service nurse, your doctor or other health care provider.  Your child will benefit from having any problems identified early.

  • All parents of babies born in South Australia will be offered a free Child Health Record book. You can also download the different sections of the Blue Book from this website.

Download the Child Health and Development Record

Extra pages can be printed from the PDF links below.  Simply click on the file and print the page/s you need.

If you would like A4-sized pages:

  • open the PDF file in Adobe Reader (see links below)
  • in Adobe Reader, choose 'Print…” from the 'File' menu
  • under the 'Page Scaling' option choose 'Fit to Printable Area'.

By document section:

If you are using earlier editions of the Blue Book please download pages you are interested in from the 2013 edition to insert into your child's health record.

Document section

2013 Edition

PDF documentSection 1   (305kb)

About Me

  • My birth details
  • Newborn examination
  • My family
  • My family health
  • Record of my child's health

PDF documentSection 2  (160kb)


  • South Australian Childhood Immunisation Schedule July 2013
  • Immunisation record
  • Additional vaccinations

PDF documentSection 3   (176kb)


  • Hearing screening and assessment
  • Universal neonatal hearing screening results

PDF documentSection 4   (655kb)

Growth charts

  • Head circumference-for-age percentiles (Birth to 24 months)
  • Length-for-age percentiles (Birth to 24 months)
  • Weight-for-age-percentiles (Birth to 24 months)
  • Height-for-age percentiles (2 to 18 years)
  • Weight-for-age percentiles (2 to 18 years)

PDF documentSection 5   (208kb)

Help me grow and learn

  • Sleep
  • Settling
  • Healthy eating
  • Safety
  • Caring
  • Teeth and dental health
  • Your baby's tooth chart

PDF documentSection 6   (186kb)

My health and development

  • Learning to talk and connect
  • Learning to move and be active
  • Learning to use my hands
  • Learning to work things out
  • Learning to be sociable
  • Your baby's eyesight
  • My health checks
  • Health check summary

PDF documentSection 7   (156kb)

Notes pages

PDF documentSection 8   (183kb)

Where to go for help

The complete 'Blue Book'

PDF documentChild Health and Development Record (1.1mb)

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