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A baby in the family

A hairy story (see: Your hair - a hairy story)

A healthy lunch box

About our games

About school counsellors

About stretch marks

Acne (see: Zits (acne))

Addiction - when you just can't stop

Adenoids - when you sound like you have a cold

ADHD - how it can affect teenagers going to high school

Adolescence - what's it about?


Alcohol - it can affect your life - for kids

Allergies - general

Am I growing up normally?

Anaphylaxis - when an allergy can be really dangerous

Anger (easy read)

Anger - being the boss of your anger

Anger - everyone feels angry sometimes

Animal bites (see: Bites from animals)

Antibiotics (see: What about antibiotics?)

Anxiety - when you are worrying about things

Are you a smart kid?

Are you a 'lefty'?

Are you a bystander to bullying?

Are you nice to be near? (easy read)

Asperger syndrome (see: Autism Spectrum Disorder - (Asperger syndrome) - for kids)

Assertive - Sticking up for yourself (see: Stick up for yourself! Being assertive)

Asthma - managing your asthma

Asthma - what is asthma?


Autism Spectrum Disorder - (Asperger syndrome) - for kids


Backpacks - or how to carry your life around with you

Balanced diet


Bedwetting alarms

Being an only child

Being bullied (see: Dealing with bullies)

Being cool

Being happy

Being teased

Bites and stings

Bites from animals

Blood - we can't live without it!

Body hair (see: Your hair - a hairy story)

Body image

Body image (easy read)


Bones (see: Your bones)

Boys' breasts - for boys who are teens

Brain - your brain (see: The brain)

Breakfast - a great way to start the day!

Breasts - info for girls who are nearly teens

Brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters - being in the middle

Brothers and sisters - being the oldest

Brothers and sisters - being the youngest

Brothers and sisters getting along together (see: Family relationships - brothers and sisters)

Bullies (easy read)

Bullying - being unkind to others

Burns and scalds




Calluses and corns - info for kids

Can we have a dog, please?

Cancer (see: What is cancer?)

Car safety (see: Keeping safe in the car)

Caring for your skin

Cerebral Palsy

Changing schools

Cheating - at school

Cheating - at sport and games

Chewing chewing gum


Choking on food

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cliques - when some people think they are better than others

Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity

Colds and flu

Colour 'blindness' - when someone is not able to see some colours

Computer games

Computers and your health

Concussion - seeing stars!

Confidence - put your best foot forward (see: Put your best foot forward!)

Conflict resolution - for kids

Constipation - when you just can't go!

Cooking up a storm - recipes for kids to make

Coping with change - loss and grief

Counselling - when you need to talk about it

Crying and tears

Cuts and grazes



Dealing with bullies

Dealing with natural disasters

Dehydration - when your body needs more water

Depression - when you feel sad most of the time


Discipline - keeping the rules

Divorce - when parents want to split. (see: When parents split up)

Doing the ‘right thing’

Down syndrome

Drugs - info for school children

Dyslexia - info for school kids


Ears - hearing problems

Ears - how your ears work

Ears - keeping your ears safe from noise

Ears - looking after your ears

Eating disorders - what are they? - info for kids

Eating healthy food

Eating out (see: Eating healthy food)

Eczema - a problem with skin

Exercise (easy read)

Exercise - check your pulse

Exercise - why you need to exercise

Exercise safely

Eyes - facts and questions

Eyes - how your eyes work

Eyes - protecting your eyes

Eyes - wearing glasses

Eyes - when things look fuzzy


Families - there are many kinds

Family conflict - when families fight

Family relationships - brothers and sisters

Farm safety

Fast food

Feeling feverish

Feeling lonely

Feelings - managing your feelings (see: Managing your feelings)

Feelings and emotions

Feet - looking after your feet (see: Look after your feet)

Finger nails (see: Nails)

Fire safety (see: Safety from fire)

First aid - bleeding - info for kids

First aid - broken bones - info for kids

First aid - burns - info for kids

First aid - poisons - info for kids

First aid - what is it? - info for kids

Fitness - for kids

Flu and colds (see: Colds and flu)

Food - eating and sport - for kids

Food - food groups - info for kids

Food allergies - for children

Food labels - what do they mean?

Food poisoning

Foster families

Freckles and moles

Friends - making friends (see: Making friends)

Friendship (easy read)

Friendship - for kids

Fuel for your body

Fungal infections - watch out for tinea!



Gastro - a tummy bug

Gender (how you behave as a male or female)

Genes - not the kind you wear!

Get clever - simply for you

Getting along with your parents

Getting clever at school

Getting on with others - relationships and health

Getting rid of body hair - for young teens

Girlfriends and boyfriends

Glandular fever

Go find out - about allergies

Go find out - about families

Go find out - about friendships

Go find out - about yourself

Go find out - being the best you can be

Go find out - make the most of school

Go find out – your wonderful eyes!

Go find out — about your “guts”!

Go find out! - about growing up

Go find out! - giving your body the food it needs

Go find out! - keep yourself clean!

Go find out! - making war on germs!

Goal setting for children

Going to boarding school

Going to high school

Going well at school - projects

Good manners

Good posture - looking after your back


Great! A playground

Grieving - working through loss

Growing pains


Hair (see: Your hair - a hairy story)

Hair loss (see: Losing hair)

Happy families

Having a disabled child in the family

Hearing problems - ears (see: Ears - hearing problems)

Heart - your heart

Help - I've got worms

Hiccups and how to get rid of them!

Home education - when your 'school' is at home

Homework - get into the habit

How to be happy (easy read)


I'm bored

I'm no good at sport

I'm sorry

If your friend has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Imaginary friends

Immune system (see: The immune system)

Immunisation - keeping safe from diseases

Impetigo (see: School sores - impetigo)

Improve your memory - for children

Inhalants - sniffing or chuffing

Intellectual disabilities – learning slowly

Intestines - your guts!

It's not easy being a kid

It’s a nightmare!


Jealousy - when it's all about you


Keeping yourself safe from others

Keeping safe at the beach

Keeping safe in the car

Keeping yourself safe from child abuse

Kidneys - your kidneys

Kids who work



Laughter: it's good for you

Learning disabilities

Learning styles - how do you learn?

Learning to write (easy read)

Legumes - so what's a legume? (see: So what's a legume?)

Let's communicate

Let's cooperate

Liver (see: The liver)

Living through adolescence

Living with a disability

Living with your grandparents

Loneliness (see: Feeling lonely)

Look after your feet

Losing hair

Love (feelings)

Lunch (see: A healthy lunch box)

Lungs - your lungs


Making friends

Making your home safe from burglars

Managing your feelings

Mediation - helping people sort things out

Memory (see: Improve your memory - for children)

Menstruation (see: Periods - having a period)

Menstruation - facts and questions (see: Periods - facts and questions)

Milk - information for kids

Mobile phones are great…aren't they?

More about vitamins - fat soluble vitamins

Mosquitoes - how to avoid being their dinner

Moving house

Mum's having a baby

Muscles (see: Your muscles)



Nervous system (see: The nervous system)


Nighmares (see: It’s a nightmare!)

No friends (easy read)

No school please

Nose bleeds (see: Uh-oh, my nose is bleeding)

Noses (see: Your nose)


Obesity - what is obesity? (see: What is obesity?)

Only child (see: Being an only child)



Passive smoking (living with a smoker)

Peer group pressure

Peer groups

Peer groups (easy read)

Periods - facts and questions

Periods - having a period

Personal hygiene - taking care of your body

Pets (see: You and your pets)

Pets - keeping yourself safe

Pets - when you have a pet (see: You and your pets)

Pimples (see: Zits (acne))


Pocket money


Prejudice - not giving a 'fair go'

Problems at school

Problems with friendship - for kids

Problems with the teacher

Protecting your eyes (see: Eyes - protecting your eyes)

Psychological assessments

Puberty (see: What is puberty?)

Puberty - boy changes, girl changes

Puberty - changes in thinking

Put your best foot forward!



Relationships and health (see: Getting on with others - relationships and health)

Resilience - don't let things get you down

Respect - a way of life

Rest and sleep (easy read)

Riding a bike

Rights and responsibilities for children

Running away from home


Safe camping

Safe cycling (see: Riding a bike)

Safety - from pets (see: Pets - keeping yourself safe)

Safety from fire

Safety in the kitchen - for kids

Salt - information for kids

School - when you don't want to go to school - easy read

School projects (see: Going well at school - projects)

School sores - impetigo

School uniform - yuk!

Schools (see: Changing schools)

Secret boy's business - what is happening to your body?

Secret girls business (see: Periods - facts and questions)

Self-esteem - feeling good about yourself

Sexual feelings - info for children

Sexual reproduction - how babies are made - for kids

Shingles - info for children

Shyness - are you shy?

Siblings (see: Brothers and sisters)

Siblings - middle child (see: Brothers and sisters - being in the middle)

Siblings - oldest child (see: Brothers and sisters - being the oldest)

Siblings - youngest child (see: Brothers and sisters - being the youngest)

Single parent families

Skin - it's all over you!

Skin care (see: Caring for your skin)

Skin problems - rashes

Sleep - are you getting enough?

Smelly sweat - info for kids

Smoking and its effects - info for kids

Snake bites


So what's a legume?

Social skills - for children

Special diets - information for children

Speech problems

Spina Bifida

Splinters, thorns and prickles - for children

Stay safe in the kitchen (easy read)

Stealing - 'borrowing' without permission

Stepfamilies - for children

Stick up for yourself! Being assertive

Stress - learning to relax

Stretch marks (see: About stretch marks)

Sugar - yes, you're sweet enough!

Suicide - choosing to die


Swearing - using bad words

Sweating and body odour

Swimmer's ear - an infection in your ear canal


Teasing others and how to stop

Teeth - easy to read

Teeth - open wide - looking after your teeth

Teeth - problems with teeth

Teeth - protecting your teeth

Teeth - what are they?

Telling lies

Tests and exams


The brain

The digestive system - powering up your body

The immune system

The internet

The liver

The nervous system

The spleen - information for kids

Toe nails (see: Nails)

Tongues (see: Your terrific tongue)

Tonsillitis - when your throat is often sore

Too much noise


Travel safely - going out alone or with friends

Truancy (wagging school)

Twins – and more


Uh-oh, my nose is bleeding


Vegetarian - it's more than not eating meat

Vitamins - fat soluble (see: More about vitamins - fat soluble vitamins)

Vitamins - water soluble (see: Water soluble vitamins)

Vitamins and minerals



Water and your body - info for kids

Water safety at home

Water soluble vitamins

Wearing glasses (see: Eyes - wearing glasses)

Weight - how much should you weigh?

What about antibiotics?

What is a family? - simply for you

What is cancer?

What is diversity?

What is obesity?

What is puberty?

What to do - making decisions

When parents split up

When some people think they are better than others - cliques (see: Cliques - when some people think they are better than others)

Who says you're overweight?

Winning and losing

Worms (see: Help - I've got worms)



You and the environment

You and your pets

Young carers

Your appendix

Your blood (see: Blood - we can't live without it!)

Your body's waste disposal system

Your bones

Your feet (see: Look after your feet)

Your food (easy read)

Your hair - a hairy story

Your heart (see: Heart - your heart)

Your intestines (see: The digestive system - powering up your body)

Your kidneys (see: Kidneys - your kidneys)

Your lungs (see: Lungs - your lungs)

Your muscles

Your nose

Your school

Your senses

Your terrific tongue

Your wonderful hands


Zits (acne)