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Girlfriends and boyfriends - for teens

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We have many different relationships in our lives. We have relationships with friends at school, teachers, people we work with, our parents, brothers and sisters. It's important to have good self-esteem before entering a relationship. Self-esteem means feeling good about yourself most of the time.It is important to spend time learning to like yourself before getting into a relationship with someone else. Having healthy, positive self-esteem means you'll feel more confident in yourself which is an attractive feature to others as well. (See our topic on Self esteem and confidence).

 If you don't feel good about yourself and look to another person to fill that gap for you, it can cause problems.  It places a big burden on that person to always make you feel good and it can mean you come crashing down with the slightest rejection from that person. It gives the other person a lot of power over you and leaves you with little power in the relationship. This can mean you do things to please that person that you wouldn't normally do, perhaps things that go against your personal values, thus decreasing your own self respect.

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