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Depression - for young people

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It’s normal to feel down in the dumps occasionally. Feeling lower than usual for a really long time is NOT normal, and isn’t something you should just have to 'put up with'. If feeling depressed is starting to get in the way of you enjoying your life, there are things you can do and places to get help. 

This is how the section Depression on the website Reachout starts. There is a lot of info there written for young people who are, or might be depressed. They have many topics such as 'What is depression", 'Types of depression', 'Self help for depression' and 'All about treatments for depression'.

There are also topics on 

Headspace  https://headspace.org.au/ 

Better Health Channel https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/

Websites that could be useful for you if you want to know more about depression:

Helping someone else

RUOK? How to ask someone if they are feeling OK - or not. 

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