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Once you have found out that you are expecting twins it can very exciting. It can also be scary as you think about how you will manage two babies at once.

More information

The Raising Children Network (Australia) has a lot of information about twins including

Australian Multiple Birth Association:

 father and twins

Breastfeeding twins

Because breastmilk supply increases with extra demands, most women can breastfeed twins well. This can mean much less work compared to preparing and giving formula.

  • Because of the extra challenges of feeding two babies, it might help if you get in touch with your local breastfeeding association, a lactation consultant or your local branch of the Multiple Birth Association before the birth of your babies. Your midwife or community child health nurse will also be able to give support.
  • Breastfeeding has many advantages. It provides the best food for babies and it helps prevent some common infections.
  • Make sure you get as much rest as you can and remember to eat nutritious meals.
  • You can feed the babies together or separately. Feeding both babies at once can give you more time to get some rest in between feeds. You may want to feed separately some of the time so you get more chance to get to know each baby.
  • Have a look at our topic 'Breastfeeding - more about breastfeeding' for information about breastfeeding twins and about feeding premature babies.
  • There is also more information, and pictures of feeding positions, on the Pregnancy, birth and baby website Feeding twins.

Bottle feeding twins

  • If you are bottle feeding your babies, if you can feed each baby separately this separate closeness and touching can help with bonding with the baby. If you try to feed them together you will find you are holding the bottles, not the babies!
  • Have a look at our topic 'Bottle feeding - feeding your baby with formula'for more information.

Caring for twins at home

Note: If you can manage getting a bit of extra help in the house after the babies are born this can be a great help – even if you have to go without something else.


South Australia

  • Parent Helpline 1300 364 100.
  • Child and Family Health Services nurses - call 1300 733 606 for an appointment
  • South Australian Multiple Births Association 
  • Multiple Births Coordinator, Women's and Children's Hospital 8161 7520 (Can provide information and support to parents in all areas of South Australia.)
  • Multiple Births Coordinator, Flinders Medical Centre 8204 4296 (Tuesdays only, 10.30 to 2.30).


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