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Babies' dummies – safety alert

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a safety alert about dummies.

Dummies are designed to comfort and settle babies. However they can be a hazard to babies and toddlers.

  • The teat or small pieces from the dummy may break off and become stuck in a child's throat.
  • The whole dummy may become stuck in a child's mouth and might block the air supply. The shield that the teat is attached to should have holes so that the airway does not get blocked.
  • Attaching the dummy to a child's clothing or the cot with a ribbon that is long enough to go around the child's neck can be a strangulation risk. Always use a ribbon that is no more than 10cm long.
  • The most common injuries related to dummies are cuts and abrasions that happen when children fall over with a dummy in their mouth.

For more information and a safety checklist have a look at

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