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Safety - blind, curtain and electrical cords

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Loose blind, curtain and electrical cords can kill - fix them out of reach so kids are out of danger. Blind, curtain and electrical cords pose a serious risk for babies and young children – particularly for children under 6 years old.

  • Children can place their head in the loop created by a cord, or get tangled in long cords, when playing near cords or sleeping in a cot where cords are hanging. If children then try to sit or if they fall down they can strangle themsleves.
  • The cord or chain loop used to open and close vertical blinds can also strangle children.
  • Children can pull on electrical cords and spill hot water or touch hot or dangerous appliances.

For more information about blind and curtain cord safety have a look at the pamphlet developed by Product Safety Australia  'Blinds and curtains'.  

It does not matter which room has a blind or curtain with a cord, children can move fast and can climb on furniture in any room.

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