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Water safety for children

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Young children can drown very quickly and quietly. Young children can drown in only a few centimetres of water.  

Supervision - keep watch & keep them alive!

Royal Life Saving Australia.  

No safety precautions can take the place of adult supervision.


More information 

Kidsafe SA.

Raising Children Network  

Swimming pool safety

Swimming pool owners are responsible for the safety of all people who use the pool, not only family or invited guests.

Royal Life Saving Australia has several fact sheets about home pool safety


Farm water

For more ideas and information, have a look at the Royal Life Saving Society Australia fact sheet 'Keep watch @ the farm'

Learning to swim

Teaching young children to swim is not enough to protect them from drowning.

  • Young children are unable to learn to swim until they are around 5 years old.
  • Under this age they may be able to enjoy and learn some skills, but even when they are 5, children are not old enough to keep themselves safe.

Flotation devices for children

Have a look at this information from Product Safety Australia Flotation and aquatic toys

Spa pools and spa baths

Spa pools are not safe for babies. The water temperature may be too hot, the chemicals in the water may harm their skin and eyes, and even more importantly the chemicals in the water can make it hard to hold the baby as they make the skin slippery.

For general safety guidelines for spa pools, check the SA Government guidelines Pool and spa safety .


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