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Sleep for teenagers

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Have you ever worked out how much of your life has been spent sleeping? Ever noticed how some people seem to be able to fall asleep easily, and others can take ages?

Having a long healthy uninterrupted sleep is a basic human need, like eating and breathing. Having enough quality sleep is vital to emotional and physical well being.

When teens have trouble getting to sleep and it continues to bother them, or you, it could be that they have developed some bad sleep habits.

Not being able to get to sleep can be really distressing. If people haven't been able to rest properly, their body and mind can start doing strange things.

The Reachout site has a lot of information about sleep for teens

The Better Health Channel (Victorian Government) also has a very large amount of information about sleep, sleep problems and what they can do if people are having problems with sleep. 

Raising Children Network

Headspace - the National Youth Mental Health website 

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