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Growing and learning with preschoolers

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Children are natural learners. They learn best when they are happy and when they have interesting things to do and safe places to do them. The first and most important learning experiences happen in the family.

Parents of young children want their children to get the best start they can in learning so they will do well at school and have successful lives. Often parents of very young children wonder what they can do to help their children get ready for their school time.

Learning does not just belong to school or formal lessons. Children learn very quickly in the earliest years and in many ways. They do not need to be "taught" to learn, (in fact too much "teaching" too early may put them off). They are learning from everything they do. However there are lots of things you can do to encourage and help your young learners.

To find out more

The Raising Children Network has a lot of very interesting information about preschoolers. 

Department of Education and Child Development (South Australia) - Great Start
Support for parents in building their child's literacy and numeracy skills through everyday activities.

Your local kindergarten will usually have information about other resources in your area such as toy library, playgroup, kindergym. Even if your child is not going to kindergarten yet, the staff will be able to help you with ideas about resources in your area. Your local council or library will also have good ideas about local resource, groups etc.

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