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Hepatitis B vaccines for babies – the latest research
27 Nov 2012

Before you are discharged from hospital you will be offered the first of four Hepatitis B vaccinations for your baby. It is strongly recommended that your baby have this vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccination is a very safe and effective way of protecting a baby against this serious infection.

The Australian Academy of Science has just released a booklet 'The Science of Immunisation Questions and Answers' November 2012, which strongly supports giving this vaccine to your baby.

For more information about Hepatitis B vaccinations for babies have a look at the topic 'Hepatitis B vaccine at birth'. Your baby's next vaccines will be due when your baby is 2 months old.

Parents also need to think about vaccines that they might need to protect themselves and by doing this, protect their babies. There is more about this in the topic 'Immunisation and pregnancy'.

Australian Academy of Science 'The Science of Immunisation - Questions and Answers' November 2012 http://science.org.au/policy/documents/AAS_Immunisation_FINAL_LR_v3.pdf