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Stay safe around water
08 Jan 2018

Summer, warm weather and water go together, don’t they?

Maybe you live near the beach, a river or creek, the local swimming pool or you may be lucky enough to have your own pool at home.

There is nothing nicer than being near, in or on the water .There are so many things to do.

But, water can also be very dangerous.

So, make sure you keep yourself safe.

  • Keep an eye out for what’s happening around you like, weather, tides, waves, other people and water traffic.
  • Watch out for kids who can’t swim very well, especially little kids.
  • Don’t ‘fool around’ in water as someone could easily be in trouble.
  • If you are on the water, in a boat, on a ski or whatever, wear a life jacket {Personal floatation device] that fits you and keep it fastened. Then, even if you have an accident you will be able to float and be seen.
  • Swim between the flags at the beach.

Stay cool and be cool!

And if you can’t swim yet you may be able to get in a vacswim course near you, as there may be some places left – if you’re quick!

If you live in South Australia check out this link.

If you don’t live in South Australia you will still find vacswim courses in your State. Have fun and stay safe!!

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