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Colds, flu and measles
07 Sep 2017

Well, it may be Spring –officially but the weather is still like winter most of the time.

Have you had a cold?

Maybe you have had flu? This year’s flu has been pretty bad and many adults and kids have gone back to work or school still coughing. If you are sick it’s better for you to stay away from others until you are better because you could give them your germs. That would be a really bad present.

Do you put your hand in front of your mouth when you cough? That’s one way to stop germs flying out looking for someone else to make sick!

Some people have had measles. In Australia all children can get free immunisations against measles and other diseases when they are very young, and again about the time they start at high school. Measles is a very bad illness and there can all sorts of complications even after the rash has gone.

Do you have grandparents or older people as part of your family? They may not have been immunised against measles or ’flu. Why not have a chat with them about updating their ‘shots’?

If you want to know more about Immunisation [getting your ‘shots’] then click here.
Immunisation - keeping safe from diseases

Wash your hands before you prepare food or eat, get rid of used tissues and put your hand in front of your mouth if you cough or sneeze. Stay healthy and help others stay healthy too.